How to resolve: Windows 10 is asking for Wi-Fi password every time it connects

After upgrading to Windows 10, it is asking for Wi-Fi password when connecting to Wi-Fi every time. This is happening even if "Connect Automatically" is checked.

How to resolve Windows 10 asking for Wi-Fi password every time when connecting?
Windows remembers the credentials for your wireless networks, it means the network profile has been stored by the WLAN auto configuration service. The credentials are stored in XML file here:
The number of interfaces depend on network interfaces your computer have. There will be an individual interface XML file for each Wi-Fi network the computer has connect to.

To resolve the frequent password prompt issue, do the following:
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type the command "netsh wlan show profiles"
  • Run the command "netsh wlan delete profile *"  to delete all available profiles
  • A message is displayed "Profile NWifi has been deleted from interface "Wireless Network Connection 3" 
  • Let the Wi-Fi find available Wi-Fi networks
  • Connect to Wi-Fi and remember to check "Connect Automatically"
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password and connect.
 Windows 10 will no longer ask for the Wi-Fi password when you connect next time.

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