How to disconnect Google Drive from your computer?

Most internet users now have Gmail accounts at least. So Google Drive, a cloud storage service by Google is a great cloud storage service to have on your computer, instead of having account from different providers like Microsoft (One Drive) or Dropbox etc. Not that you cannot sign up on these services with your Google account but it is better if they are all from the same provider as it works more seamlessly. Like with Gmail and Google Drive, we can drop an attachment straight to Google Drive and likewise.

How to disconnect Google Drive from your computer?

A situation may arise when you may want to disconnect the Google Drive on your computer. Such situations could be when you are selling off your laptop, or you are handing over your laptop to someone else for longer use or for any other imaginable purposes.

Whether the requirement is, of you want to disconnect Google Drive from your computer, do the following.
  • Make sure you have internet connection 
  • See if Google Drive applocation is already running in the task bar area on the bottom right
  • If not already running, click start > type "Google Drive" > open
  • Let it sign in
  • From the bottom right corner, find Google Drive app icon, right-click and select "preferences"

  • Click "Account" tab
  • Click "Disconnect Account"
Disconnect Google Drive from computer
  • Google Drive syncs to a local folder here: C:\Users\username\Google Drive
  • Go to C:\Users\username\Google Drive and see if folders still exists
  • You can deleted the Google Drive folder if it exists.

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