How to bring back the Windows gadgets in Windows 10?

Windows 7 users used to love the Windows gadgets on desktops. These tiny gadgets helped users keep tiny utility gadgets such as clocks, weather gadgets, CPU monitor, calender etc. Gadgets are no longer supported from Windows 8 and also not supported in Windows 10. If you would like to bring back the gadgets on Windows 8 or Windows 10, follow the steps below.

How to bring back the Windows gadgets in Windows 10?
To bring back the Windows gadgets, just download and install 8GadgetPack. It is free.
  • Download 8GadgetPack from
  • Install 8GadgetPack
  • Default gadgets will appear on the desktop
  • Click on the plus symbol on the top right to see all available gadgets and double click to add.

You can manage the settings for each gadgets from the tool icon next to each gadget.

8GadgetPack includes many more gadgets besides the default Windows gadgets by Microsoft. List of gadgets are:
Agenda - Ronnie
All CPU Meter -
Calendar - Microsoft
Clipboarder - Helmut Buhler
Chameleon Weather - gersma
Clock - Microsoft
CPU Meter - Microsoft
Currency - Microsoft
Currency Meter -
Custom Calendar - Home Cooked Gadgets
Desktop Feed Reader - Cristian Patrasciuc
Digiclock - gersma
DriveInfo - Kris Thompson
Drives Monitor - Igor M. Bushin
Drives Meter -
Feed Headlines - Microsoft
FlipClock - Ciro Ippolito
Glass Calendar - gersma, modded by digitalmaxx
Glassy CPU Monitor - Helmut Buhler
Glassy Network Monitor - Helmut Buhler
GPU Meter -
Google Mail - Orbmu2k
HUD Time - Factor Mystic
iBattery - Vitim
Launch Control - Kinesys Ltd
MiniRadio - Ronnie
MSN Weather - Microsoft
Multi Meter - SFkilla
My Weather - Pat Possible
Network Meter -
Network Monitor II - Igor M. Bushin
Picture Puzzle - Microsoft
POP3 Mail Checker - Thomas Pleasance
Power Status - Orbmu2k
Recycle Bin - Eiskalter Engel
Reminder (Denk-Daran) - dahi24
Remove Drive Safely - Plamen Todorov
searchALL Gadget - Jayden Howard
ShutdownRestart - Midnight Mick
Slide Show - Microsoft
Sticky Notes - Microsoft
Sticky Notes Online - SharPra
System Monitor II - Igor M. Bushin
Top Five - Orbmu2k
Top Process Monitor - Igor M. Bushin
Unit Converter - GadgetWE
Volume Control - Orbmu2k
WeatherCenter - hadj
Weather Meter -

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