How To Backup Photos And Videos From Android Phone To Online Storage Easily?

Nowadays, smartphones are commonly in use and Android phones are very common. Smartphones today have decent cameras and we take it every where we go. Except for professional purposes, a decent smartphone is enough to capture our regular day to day activities. As time goes by, we would need to backup the photos and videos stored on the phone as the phone's memory is not unlimited. We can backup to our computers, hard disks or online. Here we will discuss how to back up photos and videos from Android smartphone to online storage.

One can backup photos and videos from Android Phone to various online storage -Google Photos, Dropbox, Cloud storage provided by the manufacturer, and other third party cloud services. But to Android users I usually recommend using Google Photos. Why because, Google account is required to setup an Android phone. Every Android Phone user usually have a Google Account. So it is easier. There are other ways and apps to back up photos and videos online but that will require additional signup and setup. Why not use the same Google account? That will work seamlessly with the Android phone and also among other Google products we may end up using eventually like Gmail, Keep, Blogger etc.

Backing up photos and videos to Google Photos:
Install Google Photos from Googel Play.

Google Photos can also be used as a replacement of the default gallery app on the Android phone.
Setup Google Photos as per requirement whether to allow uploads on mobile data connection or only on Wi-Fi to save mobile internet cost.

Once setup, the photos and videos will be uploaded to Google photos and saved online.

Setup Google Photos on the Android Phone:
After installing Google Photos on the Android Phone, open the app and open settings > "backup & sync".

The following are some settings that may be important:
  • Enable backup: check the backup "ON" check box.
  • Select the account you want Google Photos to use (in case the Android Phone has multiple Google Accounts set up).
  • Upload Size: Select the size of the photos that is uploaded.
  • Backup Photos: Choose the data connection type to use for backup -
    A) Use Wi-Fi or Use Mobile network (data charges will apply)
    B) Over Wi-Fi only
  • Choose folders to backup:
    Select the folder that you want Google Photos to backup photos from.
Accessing photos backed up to Google Photos online:
Photos backed up to Google Photos can be accessed via a web browser through the URL, from where we can also manage the photos.

Google photos also had cool photo editing functions like crop, rotate, effects, filters to enhance the photos. So, you don't need to install a photo editor on your Phone.

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