How to erase or format memory card in Android Phones?

Sometime you may need to format the SD Card on your Android Phone, such as when you are selling off your phone with the SD Card. Erasing all data on your SD Card after backing necessary data is a data safety step that you need to do before selling or giving away your phone. It is covered in a previous blog post -"Important things to do before giving away or selling your Android phone".

If you need to erase or format the memory card on your phone then you can do so without installing any external apps.

How to format memory card in Android Phone?

Most phones will allow you to format memory cards without the use of any external apps.  To erase or format the memory card: 
  • Open your phone's settings
  • Locate Storage in the settings menu
  • Under storage, tap on "Format/Erase SD Card"
There should be SD Card related menu item if your phone supports external SD Card. The "Format/Erase" menu item may be hidden if memory card is not inserted or detected by the phone.

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