How to add another email to Gmail, send and receive email using Gmail?

How to add another email to Gmail
Today, Gmail has become the most common email service for many users. This is not only because Gmail is an excellent service provider but also because users are now dependent on various services offered by Google. These services offered by Google can be accessed using one account. Some of those common services of Google could be- Gmail, Google Search, Chrome Browser, YouTube, Adsense, Google Keep etc. The widesprea use of Android Mobile Phones is also another factor why any one must have a Google Account.

Over time, we may have created several email address especially for people who have opened email accounts initially on services other than Gmail. It becomes difficult once you have old email signed up for various services such as with your bank, office etc.

But if the email service you are using is not as convenient as Gmail, you have to move. If you still need the old emails for communication, but would like to use Gmail more often, follow the steps below to add those emails to Gmail. After which, you will be able to send and receive emails from Gmail itself.

Steps to add another email to Gmail and sent emails from Gmail:

  • Login to Gmail Account
  • Click on the small gear icon on the top right corner and click on settings
  • Navigate to Accounts and Import
  • At the "Send mail as", click on "Add another email address you own"
How to add another email to Gmail Yahoo

  • Enter information about your other email address.
  • Set the Name and Enter the email address
  • Check:  "Treat as an alias"
This is required so that the email address you are adding appears as an option when composing emails in Gmail. So you can send email using gmail as well as using the other email address.
How to add another email to Gmail  add alias

  • Click Next
  • Details of the email account are displayed. Enter the password for the email address just added
  •  A verification code is sent by Gmail to the other email address
  • Sign in to the other email address and check for the code sent by Google
  • Enter the code in the window
How to add another email to Gmail

  • Now Gmail>Accounts and Import>"Send mail as" would show the existing Gmail address as well 
  • Go back
  • In Gmail, click to compose a new email
  • Click "From" to select the other email to sent from.
How to add another email to Gmail send email using Gmail

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