OSCLASS: Adding new currency, changing default currency and unable to delete currency in osclass.

In OSCLASS, currencies can be setup in "Settings > Currencies". OSCLASS has USD as the default currency.

To add another currency in OSCLASS
  • Go to "Settings > Currencies > Add New"
  • Refer to ISO 4217 for currency symbol and code
  • To use the new curency added as the default currency, set it to default in Settings > General > Default Currency.
To delete currency in OSCLASS
If you would like to remove currencies that you will not be using on your OSCLASS site, you can delete them. 
  • Go to "Settings > Currencies"
  • Click "delete" next to the currency you want removed
Unable to delete USD currency from OSCLASS
When you attempt to delete USD from currencies you will get the following message:
No currencies have been deleted
USD couldn't be deleted because it's the default currency
This is because USD is set as the default currency. If you want to delete USD, you will need to change the default currency to another.

Changing the default currency in OSCLASS
  • Go to Settings > General
  • Change "Default currency" to something else. The list of currencies is from "ettings > Currencies"

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