How to add Google Adsense Code to Blogger Widget Area?

While you can add Google Adsense code directly from Blogger using the "Add a Gadget" from Blogger layouts, if you have specific Google Ads created in Google Adsense for your blogs and websites, and you would add them to your Blogger blog, this is how to do it. The advantage of this process is that it gives you more control of your ads.

If you add Google Adsense from Blogger, you might have noticed in Google Adsense page that those ads get registered with the blog names. But if you have created a common Adsense code that you would like to use for specific areas in your website/blog, that too for multiple website/blogs, then it is better to create the Google Ad from Adsense, customize the size and colors as desired and then add it to the website/blog.

Steps to add Google Ads from Adsense to Blogger Blog:

  • First create the ad in Google Adsense
    • Go to Google Adsense and create from "My Ads" tab
    • Choose appropriate size and colors
    • You may also opt for "responsive" type. Recommended: this will adapt to the the size of the region/container where you are putting the ad.
  •  Copy the code from Google Adsense
  • Login to Blogger > Layout
  • Click "Add a gadget"
  • Select "HTML/Javascript" ad the widget type
  • Paste the Google Adsense ad code you copied
  • Save

Choose HTML/Javascript widget type to add Google Adsense Code

Paste Google Adsense Code

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