How to stop sharing folders in Windows HomeGroup?

See previous post here how to create HomeGroup in Windows 7 and Windows 8 for file sharing in home network, how to connect to homegroup etc.

When you create a HomeGroup, by default all folders inside  "Pictures", "Documents", "Videos", "Music" as you see in the 'Libraries" are shared in the HomeGroup. If you would like to remove some folders from being shared, do the following. Public folders such as "Public Documents", 'Public Music", "Public Videos" and "Public Music" are also shared by default. If you have any folders or files in these documents, move them to other locations.

Choose what to share: 

How to stop sharing folders in HomeGroup?

Steps to stop sharing a folder in HomeGroup:
 For example, under "Pictures", we have "Public Pictures" and "My Pictures". I want to share only "Public Pictures" and not "My Pictures".

To stop sharing "My Pictures", do the following:
  • Click on "Pictures" in the Windows File Explorer left side bar to expand
  • Click on "My Pictures". 
  • Then click on "Share with" in the top bar in the same window. 
  • Select "Nobody".

"My Pictures" is removed from sharing and not visible to others in the  HomeGroup.

Another way to un-share folders:

  • Click Start > click on your username
  • Select any folder that is shared
  • Then click on "Share with" in the top bar in the same window. 
  • Select "Nobody
You can do the same to any other folder to stop sharing.
You might want to test with one computer to see exactly what is being shared.

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