How to import WordPress posts to Blogger?

This post describes the process of migrating posts from WordPress to Blogger blog.

Exporting from WordPress:

  • Log in to your WordPress account.
  • Go to the Dashboard.
  • Click on Tools: Export
  • Choose what to export - posts or only the pages. If you want only the posts, or only pages or both. Mostly you would need to select both.
  • Click on Download Export File.

The file will be downloaded on your computer with "yourblogname.wordpress.dateofexport.xml". If you want to use this exported file on another WordPress site, go ahead. There is no need to convert.

To move to Blogger, carry on.

Converting the WordPress exported XML file to Blogger format:

In this example, we'd be using an open source project called WordPress2Blogger Converter, available at Google Code. The WordPress to Blogger conversion tool takes the XML file exported from WordPress and change the markup into Blogger's format.

  • Go to WordPress to Blogger tool
  • Upload the WordPress exported file using the WordPress to Blogger tool.
  • Press Convert.
  • Save your converted file to your hard drive.
The exported file name is "blogger-export.xml." 

Importing the converted XML file to Blogger

Here there are two things to consider - whether you are startign a new blog or importing to existing blog. You can easily do both as the dates of posts will be whatever date they were on WordPress.
  • Log into Blogger
  • Go to Settings > Other
  • Click on Import Blog
  • Browse for the file you downloaded from the WordPress to Blogger tool.
  • Choose whether or not to automatically publish all posts. 
If you need to review the posts before it is published, better choose drafts.

That's it. You have successfully imported Wordpress to Blogger.

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