Test: Firefox Hello: the easiest way to connect for free chat over video with anyone, anywhere.

What is Firefox Hello?
Firefox Hello is a video chat service released by Firefox. It is a Skype-like video chat service which was in Beta since October 2014 and went Live just a few weeks ago .

Firefox Hello is built right into Firefox browser, one can now chat over video at ease by just sharing a link. What it means for a user is that -

  • No need to download software and install for the video chat
  • No need to sign up for account*.
*You might also sign up for a Firefox account to contact someone directly.

Invite anyone, anywhere:
You can invite anyone to join the conversation by simply sharing the conversation link.

Works with other browsers too:
What's more, Firefox Hello does not even require the other person to be using Firefox. It is compatible with multiple other browsers. It does work best, however, in Firefox and Chrome.. 

All these simplifies the way we connect

I believe Firefox Hello can be a great Skype alternative for those who do video chats.

Test Screenshots:

  • Starting a Firefox Hello conversation:
  • Just click on the Firefox Hello button on the tool bar and click "Start a conversation".

Firefox Hello needs access to your WebCam and Audio.

  • Copy the conversation link by email or share any way you want - paste it in IM, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

And that's it.

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