Blogger Tips: How to rename a Blogger blog name and address?

To start off, changing blog address is not advised as you will lose visibility especially if there are people following your blog. They will not longer be able to reach your blog. Besides, it will also affect your blog accessibility from search engines. People will see your previous blog address in searches initially. So, blog or site address should not be changed frequently. And if there is a need to change, the sooner the better it is done.

Sometimes, it happens to

some of us and especially to new bloggers, who choose
a random name that comes to mind and name their blogs.  It is important to think carefully before naming our blogs/sites, something that is relevant to our content and something that we would like to stick with for a long time.  But if there is a dire need to, then this is how to change your Blogger name and address.

Steps to change Blogger blog name and blog address:
  • Login to your blogger account
  • Go to Settings > Basic > Title: update your blog name here
  • Settings > Basic > Publishing > Blog Address: Change your blog address here.
  • Blogger will prompt if the blog address is available or taken.
  • Once your get a blogger address that is available, click "save".
You blog should now be accessible with the new name provided.

You are looking to use a custom domain to redirect your blog to a domain already purchased, you can also do that in the same area.

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