How to remove Blogger Date Header (Hide Blog Post Date)?

In some Blogger themes, Blogger displays a date header at the top of each blog post by default. The date header shows the month, day, year and, depending on your settings, the time at which you published the post. It could be useful for your readers to figure out if the post is recent or not. 

However, if you would like to remove the Blogger Date Header, follow the steps below:

Steps to hide blog post date and time in Blogger:

  1. Log in to Blogger to view your dashboard 

  2. Go to Blogger > Dashboard > Layout 

  3. On the right side, click the "Edit" link in the lower right corner of the "Blog Posts" widget in the layout screen. 

  4. "Configure Blog Posts" screen pops up

  5. Uncheck the box adjacent to the first item under the "Post Page Options" showing date

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window and click "Save" button.

That's it. The date header is removed from all posts from Blogger blog.

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