How to access a website that shows "Your connection is not secure"?

When I browse a website I see "Your connection is not secure". What to do?
If your trying to access a website served on HTTP then most probably you would see this message. If you are accessing a website served on HTTPS and still see this message, first check your system date and time.

Check system date and time:
One of the most common causes for "Your connection is not secure" message is due to incorrect date and time. Security certificates applied to websites have expiration date. If time or date on your PC isn’t correct, your browser might detect the required certificate as outdated, thus giving you this message. If your system date and time is incorrect, adjust date and time on the computer you are using to access the website.

How to access a website that shows "Your connection is not secure"?

Trust the website and you need to access it? Add exception to bypass the warning and proceed

If you trust the website (well, not the connection), and you have to access it, then you can go ahead by following the steps below:

  • On the page where "Your connection is not secure" message is displayed, click on "Advanced"
  • Now click on Add Exception.
  • Click on Confirm Security Exception
  • If you want, you can view more information regarding the problematic certificate by clicking the View button.

There are some detailed steps to check more when you see "Your connection is not secure" here.

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