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How to make Blogger widgets visible in Blogger Mobile template (make Adsense visible in mobile template)?

In Blogger, the view on desktop computers and mobile devices are show differently. By default, the template on mobile devices are stripped down and responsive. Not all sections or widgets displayed on desktop computers are available on mobile devices. Most widgets manually added to Blogger will not be view-able on mobile devices. Adsense added from Blogger's Adsense widgets are visible however their display regions are only on the top and bottom of the page. Google Adsense code if added to the blog using Blogger HTML/JavaScript widget, it won't display on mobile devices. In order to show widgets visible only on desktop to also show on mobile devices, including Google Adsense widgets, do the following changes.

How to enable widgets to display on mobile devices?

To display Blogger widgets view-able on desktops to also appear on mobile devices, do the following:

1. Login to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML
2. From the "Jump To Widget", click on the widget you are interested in.

We'll come to a code that looks like the one below:
<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Categories' type='Label' visible='true'>

To show this widget on mobile devices, just add "mobile='yes'' to the above line. So it now looks like:
<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='Categories' type='Label' visible='true'> 

Repeat the above steps for any other widget which you would like to display on mobile devices.

3. After enabling all the widgets you need, SAVE TEMPLATE and go BACK.
4.  In the TEMPLATE page, click on the "gear" icon under the MOBILE preview shown.
We have two options at "On mobile devices, show a mobile version of your current template".
  1. Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices. (choose this option)
  2. No. Show desktop template on mobile devices.
5. Click to choose  "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices."
6. Choose mobile template: Click and choose "CUSTOM".
Custom adapts your template customization to mobile. Be sure to preview your template.
7. Click SAVE.

After saving the changes, open the blog on mobile device and check. The widgets you enabled will now be displayed on the mobile device. This includes widgets such as popular posts, labels, others and even Google Adsense code added through HTML/JAVASCRIPT widgets.

As shown in the screenshots below, 

How to make Blogger widgets visible in Blogger Mobile template 2     How to make Blogger widgets visible in Blogger Mobile template 3

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  1. thank you i get it i find it for long time

    1. Welcome. I am glad you found it helpful. Goid day.

  2. Mehn, it worked for me. I have been searching the web for like a week now and I got it here. Wow! I appreciate big. Thanks a lot.

    1. You are Welcome. I am glad you found it helpful. Good day.

  3. i want to try it for commentluv.

  4. hello,i have done find a widgets on html on my blog and have done to add mobile ='yes' but why still not work on mobile view my site like please help me whats wrong with my template blog.Thank you

    1. Find the widget you are interested to show on mobile and in it's code just add mobile = 'yes' like this:

      If you need more help, you may export your template, and save it on Google Drive or Dropbox, and share me the link. I will have a look. If so, do let me know the widget you are trying to show on mobile too.


  5. bro having the same issue too

    Added the code but every time I try to save it it keeps on saying template can not be saved bla bla bla

    kinda frustrated

    1. Can you copy and share the error here?
      I think while editing, you may have missed some tags. Check if the tags are properly closed. Also you should always backup your template first before editing. If so, restore it and try again.

  6. Thanks so much for posting this. I'd been wondering for ages how to do this on my funny jokes and pictures website.


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