Where does Wynk app stores the downloaded songs?

Wynk is a music streaming app launched by Airtel. It also allows songs to be downloaded and listened to offline. Data charges apply. When a user browse for songs on the Wynk app, there is an option to download the song on the phone or purchase. What is the difference between purchasing and downloading really? When purchased, one gets a audio file (.mp3). If you simply download, the file is saved to the phone but not as a regular audio file such as an mp3 file. 

Where are the songs downloaded using Wynk music app stored? 

Songs downloaded using the Wynk app cannot be found if you'd search using your phone's file explorer. Also the songs downloaded can only be played on the Wynk app. The downloaded songs won't play on the regular music app on the phone.

Open you file explorer and navigate to:
  • "internal storage > android>data". 
This directory is where all the apps installed in the phone are saved. Look for a folder by the name "com.data.bsbportal.music". 
If you had searched for "Wynk" in the file explorer, you may not have found anything.
The downloaded songs are stored in under the following folder:

The downloaded songs are stored in its own folders and they look like these:
  • Under each folder, there are multiple files.

 Even if you try renaming the master file to some "filename.mp3 or .m3u", like the way some people did on gaana app, it won't play.


So, looks like we can't save the downloaded songs using Wynk app as mp3 files. Which mean we can't copy and save them for playing on other devices.

So, is it really useful? 
Well, Wynk offer you free music, that can be played on the app. If you don't mind listening to the songs from the Wynk app, it is okay, I suppose.  But if you want access to the songs downloaded by Wynk so that you can also play on other mobile /devices, then Wynk doesn't allow that, unless the music is purchase.

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