How to paste as plain text in Firefox browser?


Firefox is one of the most popular web browser. On desktops and laptops, Firefox's market share comes right after Google Chrome. On desktops, laptops and mobile devices, Firefox comes in third position after Google Chrome and Safari.

In this post, we shall see "How to paste as plain text in Firefox browser?"

We might all know the common keyboard shortcuts to copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL +V ). We use them often. When using Firefox browser, you might have observed that when some data is copied from another web page, the text pasted retains the formatting. While some browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera browser have "Paste as plain text option" on right-click, Firefox does not have the "Paste as plain text option" option on right-click.

While there is no option provided on right-click, we can paste text in Firefox without formatting (as plain text) without installing any additional add-on using the CTRL+SHIFT+V keyboard shortcut.

To paste as plain text in Firefox browser

CTRL+SHIFT+V shortcut is universal and works in most browsers and applications as well for pasting as plain text (without formatting).

Refer: Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts here.

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