Adobe Photoshop Watermark Panel Plugin/Extension To Watermark Photos In Batches (CS5/CS6)

adobe photoshop watermark plugin extension batch watermark

Watermarks are a layer of text or image that is added to an image that helps to protect your images shared on the internet. It also helps you to brand your image. While sharing of images on the internet is rampant, having a watermark on a images displays your ownership even if shared. If your frequently share images online, consider watermarking them. 

While one can easily add watermarks using photo tools such as Photoshop, it is a tedious process if done manually. There are also ways to watermark photos in batches using "Automate / Batch Processing" feature in Photoshop. But here is a much more easier way – Russell Brown’s free Adobe Watermark Panel plugin makes it easy to add watermarks to single image or an entire folder of images or those photos which are open in the work space. Convenient huh? Let's check it out.


  • Adobe Photoshop CS 5 / CS6
  • Russell Brown’s free Adobe Watermark Panel Plugin for Photoshop. Download it here

Watch this video how to install the Adobe Photoshop Watermark Plugin and batch watermark demo 

Steps to install Russell Brown’s free Adobe Watermark Panel Plugin for Photoshop 

The following steps describes the process of installing the Adobe Watermark Panel Plugin in Adobe Photoshop CS5 or CS6.
  1. Extract (unzip) the files to a convenient location on your computer.
  2. Inside the extracted folder, look for “Adobe Watermark.zxp”.
  3. To install the Adobe Watermark Panel, you’ll need to use the Adobe Extension Manager CS5/CS6.
  4. On Windows click start > all programs > adobe master collection  or any other name where Photoshop is present > look for Adobe Extension Manager CS5/CS6 OR you may simply press the Windows Key and type ‘extension’. If it is present in your computer it should appear. If it is not present, download Adobe Extension Manager CS5/CS6 for free here.
  5. Find Adobe Extension Manager CS5/CS6 as described above, right click and “Run as Administrator”.
  6. Adobe Extension Manager CS5/CS6 will open and it will tell you its “Loading Extensions.” After several seconds, you’ll be presented with the extension manager screen which will list all of your Adobe products in the left panel. Click once on Photoshop CS5/CS6 64 or click on Photoshop CS5/CS6 32 if your running the 32-bit version of Photoshop.
  7. Click the Install link at the top of the window.
  8. Navigate to the Adobe Watermark.zxp file you extracted earlier. Click on it and click the Open button.
  9. Accept the “Extension Disclaimer.”
  10. When you are asked to confirm if you want to install this “unsigned extension.” Click the Install button.
  11. Once successfully installed, close Adobe Extension Manager CS5/CS6.

This completes the installation of Adobe Watermark Panel Plugin using Adobe Extension Manager CS5/CS6.

Now let's see how to use the Adobe Watermark Panel Plugin to watermark photos - single, multiple photos open in the work space or from folder.

How to use the Adobe Watermark Panel Plugin in Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6

  • Open Photoshop CS5/CS6
  • Open an image to work on
  • In Photoshop’s Window menu, choose Extensions. Then, from the fly-out menu, choose Adobe Watermark.
  • The Adobe Watermark Panel will open.
  • First Section: “Use Logo file” if you have a logo file prepared already or choose “Use text entry” to use text only. Then set the font, font size, format etc.
  • Second Section: Select Images to Process – either an entire folder or just the images already open in Photoshop. Also choose the folder where you want to save the output.
Screenshot from Adobe Photoshop CS6

  • Third Section: Select Watermark Position and Style.
  • Final: Select JPEG Export Settings – Standard or Web JPEG. With Standard JPEG you can set the resolution of the image but with Web JPEG, resolution is auto set to 72 ppi.
adobe-photoshop-watermark-extension-batch-settings 2
Screenshot from Adobe Photoshop CS6

  • Once you have the watermark set the way you want, click the Run button.
  • Photoshop will open each image in the source folder, add the watermark and save it.

Even if you do not set a separate folder to save the output, it saves the output with a new file name. The Watermark Panel does not alter your original images.

Save Adobe Watermark Plugin Panel settings

Click on the Adobe Watermark Plugin Panel, there will be a fly-out menu available by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the panel. You can save your settings or load previously saved settings. Save as many setting as you desire.

Enjoy the plugin!

If you have not tried this Adobe Watermark plugin, you must try it.

As indicated in this post, the Adobe Photshop Watermark Plugin works on both Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS6.

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