How to sort emails in Gmail by sender, date etc.?

How to sort emails in Gmail by sender, date etc.

If you have used any email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes or Mozilla Thunderbird, you must have seen that there are various filtering options and you can easily sort emails in various ways by - sender, date, subject, attachments, to name a few. These quick filtering and sorting options helps us to find emails more faster. 

If you are looking for such features in Gmail – hang on!

Apparently, Gmail by Google operates more like Google, a search engine. So Gmail has powerful search feature in Gmail. Unfortunately, there is no way way to sort emails easily. Instead, they provided a geeky advanced search option. Sadly, that does not help much when we want to quickly sort emails by sender, date, attachments etc. So, if we want to sort emails by sender to see the frequency of emails from the same sender(s), that is not easy in Gmail. You have to search for that particular sender instead in Gmail.

It’s really a painful experience when trying to clean a lot of junk email in the spam folder though Gmail’s spam detection is quite strong, there would still be junk emails you want to clean at some point.  One of the easiest way could be to sort by sender – that way we can easily see the frequency of emails received from a particular sender. If they are junk, we can easily create a filter from it. It is so easy in Yahoo Mail, but not quite in Gmail.

Instead of the basic needs, Google came out with tabs that groups emails based on types such as Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums etc. This might help a little. But still if you have a lot of email from different sources, and you want to sort- it’s still a pain in the ***
I use Gmail as I also use a lot of other Google Services such as Google Play, Adsense, Blogger, Feedburner etc. I have attempted to switch to Gmail from Yahoo, when I realized setting up IMAP on email client was simpler with GMAIL (it gives you full IMAP access, Yahoo gives POP only in free version), but the interface just pisses me off at times.

If you want sorting features and other features, what are the alternatives?
If you want the sort features and also offline access to synced emails, then it is best to use Gmail integrated with an email client – if you need get Thunderbird –It’s Free. Set up Gmail with Thunderbird (enable IMAP), then it will sync with Gmail two-way – that means, it will not only download emails, but delete from server if you delete from your client. See here how to setup Gmail with Thunderbird.

I thought I might be the only nut who thinks I have an issue with Gmail, but looks like there are others who feels the pain of missing sort feature in Gmail– see discussions in Google product forum here.

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