How to create the simplest guestbook on WordPress [no plugin]?

guestbook for wordpress website
Guestbooks are features that allows visitors on a website to leave messages, feedback and comments. They are not the same as comments on blog posts, which are specific to that post. Guestbook messages are generally not related to a particular content but are directed to the owner. 

In this post, we will see how to create the simplest WordPress Guestbook without any plugin– the simplest, and the easiest – make it under 10 minutes! Actually, under 20 seconds!! We'll apply the same WordPress comments feature to use as a Guestbook. Any one will be able to see the messages left on the guestbook. Before we begin, I must tell you that this is not the best way to create guestbooks on websites but nonetheless, it is a working solution if you want a simple yet working solutions without having to install plugins etc.

Watch this short tutorial video:

The simplicity here is that just as we comment on posts and pages, the same is used for guestbook. After all comment from readers is all we intend to capture, right?

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Happy blogging!

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